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A fresh look for a new approach to dating


Mobile App



Swoonbox is an event-based dating app that can best be described as “Ticketmaster Tinder”. The aim is to bring people together around events they love.



Emily A. Darby

Zachary Rayman

My Role

• Researcher
• Interviewer
• Tester
• Interaction Designer
• User Interface Designer


The navigation elements and icons outlined in the Swoonbox on-boarding process were neither useful nor learnable to users. As a result, users experienced difficulty learning and navigating how to match with other people and find events of mutual interest, which lead to abandonment of the app. Our Goal was to afford users a clear, learnable way to make a match and identify an event of mutual interest for a first date.  Explore methods for unifying matches and events suggested to users.


UX Process & Methods




Feature Comparison

We compared Swoonbox against competing dating apps to Identify opportunities to differentiate or innovate.

We found progressive on-boardings are commonly used to show users how new features work


Heuristic Analysis

We evaluated the existing app using 10 Heuristic IA Principles to evaluate the strength and quality of what is currently offered to users, facilitate critiques during planning, design, and development and predict the effectiveness of potential solutions.


Usability Testing

6 users | 4 male, 2 female | Ages 22 - 33

During testing we found a very positive response to the Swoonbox concept, however, problems arose from the start with On-boarding. Learnability and Navigation was an issue because of poor iconography, and users failed to see a connection between "matches" and events.


User Interviews

6 users | 3 male, 3 female | Ages 23 - 31

“With Bumble, it tells you what each gesture does when you first use the app.”

User Personas

Aaron Winters.png

Aaron Winters
31 • Astoria, NY • Single

Alex Erikson.png

Alex Erikson
26 • New York, NY • Single

Pain Points

Dead-end conversations, Dating apps are time consuming, Inability to gauge match’s personality from profile.

User Goals

Meaningful relationships, Authentic connection, Respect from matches, Go on a date.


Get matches out on dates, Build robust user profiles, Improve in-app first impressions.



We conducted two timed design studio sessions to rapidly generate design ideas around the problem we identified after synthesizing our research. This is a low fidelity, low cost way for us to collaborate and rapidly generate and iterate many design solutions.


Feature Prioritization

Before prioritizing the features yielded from the Design Studios, the team revisited user and business goals. If everything is a priority, then NOTHING is a priority. We focused on designing the Minimum Viable Product, which is the sweet spot between business needs, user needs, and implementability.

Redesign Elements